Riff-Raff (Loach, 1991)

I chose Riff-Raff due to Ken Loach’s new film, I, Daniel Blake, being in cinemas at the moment. I hoped to see the new release before we spoke about Riff-Raff but when I went to see it, it was sold out; “make sure you get tickets for the later viewing, it’s a great film and it’s important you watch it,” shouted the guy working in the cinema.

Animal Kingdom (Michôd, 2010)

Over the last decade there has been something of renaissance in Australian cinema, arguably kick-started with the poetic The Proposition in 2005 (Luke Buckmaster wrote an interesting article on the ‘lost wave’ for The Guardian). Films that followed include: The Babadook, Snowtown, Candy, and my choice for your viewing assignment this week, Animal Kingdom (as well as director, David Michôd's, fascinatingly weird follow-up, The Rover).