Each week Alex and I (Luke) will take it in turns to give each other a film to watch. The films will usually be ones the other hasn’t seen, or a film they desperately should revisit. We will then, as one is wont to do, discuss the films – whether we liked them or not, what our favourite part was, whether we laughed, whether we cried, whether we now want reconsider our friendship based on the other person having a terrible taste in film… Anyway, I digress. We both love film and have studied it, and after years of “you should watch this” and “you’d love this” we have decided to do something productive to actually motivate ourselves into committing to our promises to each other.

We often have contrasting opinions on films, which usually spurs a long-winded debate, and we thought it would be fun to document these discussions, whilst also shedding light on some criminally unseen films. So here it is…

P.S. If you feel like we are both nonsensical dickheads who can’t tell an American Pie: Band Camp from a Breakfast Club (Hughes, you truly hold the key to my heart. God rest your angst-driven soul) then feel free to fling vitriol at us – or at least our social network avatars – via @luandalfilmclub.